Y O U R - I N D I V I D U A L - P R E F E R E N C E S

c h e c k _ p e r s o n a l _ R I S K _ & _ N E A R N E S S _ n e e d s

This web-based self-assessment personality test is founded on the work of Christoph Thomann, who created the Riemann-Thomann-Model for assessing the individual personality-type based on the findings of Fritz Riemann. The behavioral assessment tool below will give information about the personal basic orientation - it will give information about the individual conditions under which you feel comfortable. How often do you wish to be contacted? How risky, how ambiguous should your work-packages be for making them interesting for you and making you highly motivated instead of deeply frustrated.

Do the test, give trust & earn trust...
... and take advantage of a better treatment and better fitting of the suggested work to do for you

24 QUESTIONS for a better understanding (will not be stored - nearness & risk preferences are shown only to you)
Question: NO YES
I always remain true to my principles (my actions are strictly bound to my principles, I am strictly tied with my rules. Always.) NO YES
I really enjoy to support other people – and I always help (It's no question: helping others is mandatory for me) NO YES
I feel deeply restricted in my freedom of action by rules, instructions, regulations. NO YES
I have a strong focus on logically, methodically proceedings. NO YES
I am angry about sloppiness, mess & disorder! NO YES
I am very good in finding a way to work harmoniously with others / to get in tune with others / to adjust myself to others & make arrangements NO YES
I am keen on doing novel/ out-of-the-ordinary/ challenging & risky things... NO YES
I am never emotional during decision making. No feelings – only facts & numbers. NO YES
Responsible, good governance & sound, correct behavior is really important for me. NO YES
My preferred working style is: working together with other people. All the time. NO YES
Other people think, that I have fantasy & always a lot of good ideas! NO YES
Actually, I am not very sociable / outgoing and adaptable to other people. Most the time I am not in the mood to hit up social events and establish ties / make contact with others. NO YES
I have my routine of the day – and that is really important for me! (not just for succeeding with my work – it's important for myself!) NO YES
For me, it's always hard to say “No” - if somebody is asking me to do a favor. (even if I feel bad afterwards ...) NO YES
I like to take the stage & become the center of attention. NO YES
Working on my own is what I prefer – and how I deliver the best results NO YES
Others often appreciate my competence/ skill / capability in working so systematically & methodically NO YES
Other people think that I am cooperative & always ready to compromise. NO YES
Doing the same job all the time is boring to me. I enjoy variety, prefer change. NO YES
I have CLEAR goals. (targets, milestones...). For my day & for my life. NO YES
I gather information & obtain an overview about the things going on around myself. (I need to figure out, what is my/others role & position) NO YES
I never begrudge someone else for anything. Either I don't care about other people's success – or I feel happy about it! NO YES
Being patient & persistent working on the same subject for a longer period of time is not what I desire (these are tasks I badly want to get behind me) NO YES
Other people think, that I am a person who is good at analytically & abstractly thinking. NO YES

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