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    We are offering the C-BOARD as single-project, easy to deploy web-application running on most (free) webspace hosters
AND NOW the advanced, secured CYBR CSCW-SUITE (CCS) solution with multi-project capabilities, running on your own apache webserver.

We know, that security and confidentiality in an R&D project environment are essential,
and professional businesses therefore do not want to rely on SAAS solutions with the need to rely on servers they do not possess.
For this reason we discontinued our own offerings of SAAS/cloud solutions, and made the application(s) available for download now.

The applications are Open Source, do not need any framework but were coded from scratch & are well-documented.

For more information, visit the project's web-page at sourceforge, where you can download the applications as well.
For advanced project collaboration, the CYBR CSCW-SUITE (CCS):
The C-BOARD as an easy to setup, stand-alone tool for student projects:

The online personality test / self-assessment (Riemann-Thomann-Test) for the user profiles can be found here:

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